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Alien Visions
by Martino Catalano
My sculptural work encompasses my own creations, famous movie monsters, ancient reproductions, wildlife and other styles and subjects.  
I can apply my skills to a wide range of disciplines, including facial feature sculpting, human and animal anatomy and musculature, architectural and archaic, character and childrens' subjects among many more. As well as selling my work and undertaking private commissions, I apply my skills to contract work and I have done freelance sculpting for feature films, theatre and television.

Above all I have a predilection for left-field art, alternative theories, music, literature and films, so by default, an offbeat flavour permeates most of my work. I am also a huge art appreciator of everything from palaeolithic cave paintings, Victoriana, Classical, and Ancient through to Modern and Contemporary Art. All being additional sources of inspiration.

The site is a showcase of my greatest passion - sculpting, which is unfailingly very rewarding to me every day.

Martino Catalano - sculptor
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