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I am a very passionate sculptor, both as an artisan myself and as a great admirer of fine art across a very broad spectrum. l love the mediums and processes involved, both creative and technical. 

I get exceptional satisfaction from facial and anatomical forms, executing smooth flowing shapes and textural surfaces, creating a rich scape which elicits tactility, like all sculpture should.

I have always been and still remain a great fan of anything exotic, monstrous and bizarre. I have been sculpting from a very early age and it was literally the first choice on the very first day for me at school with plasticine and a board and I've never looked back since.

I sell my work to buyers regularly through trade shows, conventions, online galleries and Ebay.

I also work within the theming and interior design sphere taking on contracts and private commissions and I have worked on film and TV productions at Pinewood Studios in England.

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Elephant Man

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