Character sculpture
Repairing the old plasticine head from Cosgrove Hall Productions.
Adding new ears, teeth and wart features.
Close up of head
Adding new head section and blending in.
Left side view showing arm musculature and posture.
White resin cast taken from the repaired head sculpt and transferred onto the body for reference  while sculpting.
Hanfds and feet development
View showing back and spine configuration.
Right profile with toilet plunger
for cap
'Bits' and flotsam added such as broken toothbrushes,  plasters, earbuds, dollhair and a toilet-plunger for a cap.
Whole body view at angle.
Rear angle view
Completed figure, casted into resin and painted.
Cage view
Cage view 2

May 2010 - commission sub-contracted by Rick Kent of WoofDogBark Design Services in Chorlton (Manchester, UK).

This was a proposed mascot character for a national company campaign discouraging the public from flushing unsuitable items and general flotsam down their lavatories.
The head was made by sculptors at nearby Cosgrove Hall Productions and was in pretty rough shape being the plasticine original and not a hard copy as such. It was my job to patch up the head in white plasticne and to make a body using the concept art as a reference, so from the neck down, he's my baby!
The body was required to be made in plasticine, lovely stuff, but hard to get a fast build-up when a shape needs to be quickly established, so it took longer than planned compared with using standard water-based clay.
Toothbrushes, earbuds, hair, toy parts, plasters and other bits were stuck on and blended in to create an impression of a sewer-dwelling creature composed of toilet detritus. Rick Kent and his colleague Jeff Spain moulded and casted the figure into resin later.

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