Polystyrene sculpting

I have experience in large and small-scale polystyrene and polyurethane foam carving, producing works for galleries, theatre, film and TV. Polystyrene is ideal for a direct sculpting medium where a project  requires a degree of speed and lightness for transportation and general manoevreability reasons.
Pictured below are two polystyrene heads I made as part of the 'Men of Vision' installation for the 'Video Positive' exhibition held at the Liverpool Tate Gallery in the Spring of 1993.  I covered the heads with a layer of paper and pva to enable the surface to accept paint.  The heads were hollowed out to house LCD projectors which projected images of Lenin and the revolutionary Marat through the eyes of each head and onto suspended cut-out stencils.
The aforementioned icons where displayed in a satirical manner .
'Marat' head
'Lenin' head
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